At re:look, we provide you with a tailored solution that assists your team and institution in making the right decisions that create meaningful and long-lasting consumer experiences.

Customer Experience Consultancy

We work with you to establish a holistic understanding of your customer experience journey, building a company-wide framework that navigates every interaction a customer has with your business.

Customer Research

Whether it’s qualitative research, ethnographic studies, in-depth customer interviews or a voice-of-the-customer program design, we help you paint an accurate picture of those buying from you.

Brand Development

Our value proposition development and sales pitch-tuning develop your brand by ensuring optimal customer interactions and experiences during the buyer journey including their emotional responses.

Customer Experience Strategy

We establish your organisational customer experience strategy with a thorough end-to-end analysis and investigation of current practices. Then, by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses, we create a detailed roadmap leading to a new and improved strategy.

Employee Experience

In order to ensure a company-wide consumer-centric culture, we help you engage and inspire your people, diagnosing any issues and advising on solutions to design the customer experience you want, need and expect.

Event Management Advisory Services

With the help and guidance of our experienced event manager, we help you design, plan and deliver consumer-centric events that elicit engaging, long-lasting experiences and build brand loyalty through emotional engagement.

Consumer Experience in The Digital Era

As digital technology has and continues to transform consumer experience, it’s vital for every business to understand and accommodate the modern-day consumer. There are key expectations that must be matched, such as increasing speed and simplicity of service. Our workshops and training courses will help ensure your customers’ digital experiences are fit for purpose, creating rewarding journeys that meet and exceed their expectations.

Custom Workshops

Consumer experience is an exciting field with lots of nuances that can have a big impact on your business. Because each and every organisation is unique in its own way, we understand the need for tailored workshops that cater to the specific needs of your business. We’ll work with you to develop an impressive program that tackles your challenges and helps you achieve your goals.

Coaching & Development

We understand that in order to drive a great customer experience synergy between departments is essential. We leverage our team’s years of on-the-ground experience and focus on the successful implementation of common, consistent experience delivery – ensuring everyone within the business is aligned. Our coaching and development programs are the right fit for businesses looking to help their employees and teams find practical solutions to leadership and customer experience issues.

Create meaningful consumer experiences

Build a quality and impactful customer service culture that enhances people’s happiness and connection with your brand.
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